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So, how does TrustDice provide a unique gambling experience? With a TXT token. It is an altcoin issued by the TrustDice Gaming Platform on the EOS blockchain. The players can benefit from using TXT in many different ways. Let’s take a closer look at them.

TXT Mining

TXT mining differs from Bitcoin mining. You don’t need to have powerful computers and build mining farms to get TXT coins. All you have to do is make bets. 

Everyday TrustDice releases a certain amount of TXT as a mining pool. By placing real money bets in different games players will get Mining Power. It doesn’t matter if the bet was won or lost, you’ll get Mining Power in any case. The mining round ends every day at 09:00 UTC and based on your power you will get the part of the pool.

Your mining power is calculated using this formula: 

bet (in USD) * game house edge * (1 + Mining Bonus) * 20

House edge values:

  • Dice 1.5%;
  • Crash 1.5%;
  • Sports 3%;
  • Slots (depends on the game, but average is 3%).

Mining Bonus value is 0 by default, but you can increase it by locking TXT.

TXT LockedMining Bonus
≥ 30005%
≥ 1000010%
≥ 3000014%
≥ 5000018%
≥ 10000022%
≥ 50000025%
≥ 500000028%
≥ 5000000030%

If you are interested in TXT mining you have to hurry to get a higher benefit. Every 250 days the mining pool halves, so the rewards for the Mining Power will decrease.

TXT Dividends

There is another way to use TXT tokens. All you have to do is lock your TXT in a special casino section. All you have to do is lock your TXT in a special casino section and earn dividends from them. It works similarly to bank deposits, but unlike the fiat deposit, the value of TXT can increase significantly. There is a dividends calculator where you can calculate your potential earnings. But please use it carefully, it doesn’t show a 100% accurate number. The size of the Dividend Pool depends on the Dice game profits and consists of 50% of it.

The more TXT you lock the higher profit you get. You can buy more TXT using Uniswap exchange or claim them for free in the faucet.

You can’t use your locked TXT tokens in games. First, you have to unlock them. You can do it anytime but the process will take 72 hours.

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