How to Play Aviator | The Definitive Guide

Aviator is a distinctive kind of casino game created by Spribe, due to its simplicity and interesting gambling experience. It is a unique game built on the curve crash mechanic.

It is important to first locate the best online casino sites where you may play this title in order to learn how to play it successfully. It has been proven that the best sites for playing Aviator with crypto can include platforms including, where gamers will get the best experiences possible when they enjoy a session.

Aviator is a brand new type of social multiplayer game, and the name itself tells you a lot about it. This title takes the form of a plane flying up and then crashing. The idea is simple: an airplane takes off, and the multiplier begins to expand. It starts at 1x and can go on forever. The longer it flies the more money you win!

The goal of the game is to cash out your winnings before the plane crashes or leaves the screen, you as a player have to make your decision and if you fail to do so then you lose your bet.

How to play Aviator 

Aviator’s rules are simple enough for anyone who isn’t an expert casino player. Just a few rounds will show you how exciting this game can be. It is divided into three parts: The central area of the screen; the cockpit, and the left side of the screen.

  • The center consists of a little plane. It takes off and swiftly climbs in altitude. The higher it rises, the greater the bet multiplier.
  • Your cockpit is located beneath the central section and it is where you handle your own bets and interact with the game.
  • The avatars of the other players in the game can be found on the left side. The moment when everyone withdraws their stake is depicted here. You can also view your win history as well as the largest winnings for all participants.
  • Place your wager, you have only 30 seconds to do that and it is interesting that you can place two bets at a time. Wait for the plane to take flight, and then withdraw as soon as you’ve reached an appropriate multiplier. 
  • Don’t get carried away with your betting, make sure you hit the cash out button before the plane crashes or you’ll lose.

Winning strategies of Aviator casino game

There are a couple of different strategies that can be followed if you are to play this game that can enhance the possibility of achieving a win. Let’s explore a couple of them below:

  • Placing a large bet on which you will withdraw early and a little bet on which you will try for a large multiplier is a true and proven approach. This is known as double betting. Adjust your bet cashout settings depending on your bankroll and session balance, and set your boundaries and profit when you achieve your targeted outcome.
  • Another option is to play in a high-risk environment. The aim behind this strategy is to gamble higher than usual and withdraw on low multipliers. The approach is to have recurrent profits and to cash out your earnings from the casino as soon as you have achieved a sufficient profit.
  • You can tell when to gamble based on live statistics if there’s an opportunity for a high multiplier. Wait for a string of low multipliers/coefficients of 1.00 to 1.50x to appear in a row, say 5-10 times. When that occurs, proceed to the next round. Place two equal-sized bets, with the first set to “Auto Cashout” at 2.00x. To receive a multiplier equal to the average of the previous 10-20 rounds, place the second bet.

It is important to note that none of these strategies are sure-fire ways of winning, but they can be used to potentially enhance the overall win record that may be experienced.

To conclude

The Aviator crypto casino game is one of the fairest available to play and one that is being enjoyed by players all over the world, whether it be on a traditional PC device, or on one of their preferred mobile gadgets.

The game is different from many traditional games available to play, which is why it has proven to be popular amongst punters, and hopefully, this guide will have allowed you to be in a position to potentially enjoy it yourself.

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