How to choose Bitcoin Wallet

If you decided to start gambling with Bitcoin you have to buy them first. In this guide, we will find out how to choose Bitcoin wallet which perfectly suits for online gambling.

There are 4 types of Bitcoin Wallets:

  • mobile;
  • desktop;
  • web;
  • hardware.

Let’s look closer at every type.

Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Mobile Bitcoin WalletsMobile wallets it’s probably the best choice for gamblers. Especially if you prefer to play in Mobile Bitcoin Casino. Mobile wallets are easy to use and have good enough security.

This type of wallet is a software wallet which means they require an Internet connection to work.

Mobile wallets mostly design for fast use. If you are an active Bitcoin user this type of wallet is the best choice. But of course, mobile wallets have several disadvantages, like everything in this world. Your app market can simple delete a wallet and you won’t be able to download updates. Also, you can damage or lose your phone and it could be hard to restore your Bitcoins.

Why choose:

  • you prefer to play online casino on a mobile phone;
  • you are an active Bitcoin user.


 ⊗   app market can remove a wallet;

 ⊗   you can lose or damage the phone and it’ll be hard to restore a wallet.

The best Mobile bitcoin wallets with high user rating from Google Play:

  1. Coinomi (4.5)
  2. Atomic (4.4)
  3. BRD (4.1)
  4. Bitcoin Wallet  (3.9)

Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

Desktop Bitcoin WalletDesktop wallets are also software or hot wallets like mobile. But some of them can work like hardware wallets and don’t require an Internet connection.

These are applications that you install on your laptop or desktop, perfectly fit for online gamblers who prefer to play on desktop or laptop.

Desktop wallets are also easy to use and pretty secure, but there is always a threat to pick up a virus or malware that will steal your Bitcoins.

Why choose:

  • you prefer to play online casino on a laptop or tablet;
  • you are an active Bitcoin user.


 ⊗   malware or virus can steal Bitcoins.

Great Desktop Wallets:

  1. Atomic
  2. Electrum
  3. Exodus

Web Bitcoin Wallets

Web Bitcoin WalletAs the name implies, these are online wallets. These can be wallet sites, browser plugins, or exchanges. They are very easy to use, but also the least secure. Therefore, it is not recommended to store large amounts of BTC. Ideal for buying Bitcoins to make a deposit at a casino.

Exchanges also require verification, and documents will be required to store Bitcoins. It is recommended to use them if you intend to trade on the exchange.

Why choose:

  • you are going to use them to store small amounts of Bitcoins;
  • you are going to trade.


 ⊗  low security;

 ⊗  need for verification.

Examples of Web wallets:

  1. Binance (exchange)
  2. Bitamp (website wallet)
  3. Coinbase (exchange)

Hardware Bitcoin Wallets

Hardware Bitcoin WalletsPerhaps not the best choice if you are going to store Bitcoins for playing in a casino. These wallets allow keeping cryptocurrency on a physical device. Hardware wallets are cold wallets and don’t require an Internet connection.
This type of wallet is the most secure and perfect fit to store a large amount of BTC for a long time. And keep in mind that such wallets are quite expensive.

Why choose:

  • you are going to store a large number of Bitcoins;
  • you want to save crypto for a long period of time.


 ⊗  high price.

 ⊗  damage or loss can result in loss of funds.

Great Hardware Wallets:

  1. Ledger
  2. Cobo
  3. Trezor

Conclusion: How to choose Bitcoin Wallet

As it became clear, there are quite a few types of wallets. Be careful when choosing, do not be too lazy to read reviews on specialized forums, and see reviews on YouTube. And you should not limit yourself to choosing one wallet, no one forbids you to have several types at once.

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