Double by Blaze

Double is a new game from Blaze casino that has made a lot of noise, mainly among players from Brazil. This game has every chance to become a new bustabit and give birth to a huge number of clones, some of which will become more successful than the original. But now, it is a Blaze’s exclusive game.

Double attracts the attention of players with its simple and instant return. This roulette-like game, despite its simplicity, has incredibly addictive gameplay. In this article, I will tell you in detail how to play Double, whether it can be hacked, and what games similar to it are offered by other casinos.

How to play Double Blaze?

In essence, Double is a classic casino game, so there is nothing complicated about it. The entire gameplay can be described in three steps:

  1. Enter the amount you want to bet in the next round.
  2. Choose the color you want to bet on. There are 3 of them: red and black pay x2 and white pays x14. You can also bet on multiple colors simultaneously to reduce the risks.
  3. Enter the round and wait for the result.

That’s the whole game. It remains to repeat the process until you get bored or, as unfortunate as it is, you run out of money. 

Double Blaze Gameplay

Double is a Provably Fair game, which means that you can also check whether the round you played was truly random. Here is a third-party Double Blaze verifier.

Double Blaze Round History

The game’s developers added a very cool feature to the game, namely the ability to review the history of the last few rounds. You can check up to 10 previous rounds. In this history, you can see the round time, the winning color, and from the server to verify the results.

Double Blaze Round History

By clicking on the server seed, you can review the round and see the bets of all players and the amounts they won. If you are interested in the analytics of this game, then this feature will definitely come in handy. 

Winning strategies

I want to be frank with the readers of this article right away. I am categorically against all kinds of winning strategies for any casino game including Double. Let me explain why.

First, casino games are designed, so the casino (house) always wins. And if you have a long winning streak, it does not mean that you have found some magic formula. You are just lucky. It’s better to take your winnings and walk away because you’ll end up losing.

Second, if there really was a winning strategy, no one would share it with the masses on the Internet. Otherwise, the casino would also have found out about it and would have quickly updated the game algorithm to remove this vulnerability. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for winning gambling strategies, you’re most likely looking to make money. Gambling is a bad source of profit but a good source of fun. So play for fun, not money, and spend as much as you’re ready to lose.

Double Blaze Hack

Is it possible to hack Double? Theoretically yes. But if you want to Google how to do it, you’re out of luck. Double is a game written by experienced mathematicians and programmers, so its hacking requires knowledge of at least the level of game developers or even higher. But the game is still in beta, so it may have some vulnerabilities. So if you are an experienced hacker and want to help the developers improve this game, you have every chance. I think they will not mind giving you a lot of cash for this. 

Games like Double you might like

If you like Double from Blaze, I have made a selection of games for you that can give you a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Slide from Stake

This game is very similar to Double, but in it, you need to guess which multiplier will fall. If you get the number you guessed or higher, you win. Your prize is equal to your bet multiplied by the number you guessed. You have lost if the multiplier is lower than the guessed number.

The minimum multiplier you can guess is x1.01. The maximum is x4294967000.

Ring of Fortune from BC.Game

BC.Game Ring of Fortune

In this game, just like in Double, you have to guess the color that will multiply your bet by a certain number. Available multipliers:

  •  x2 (grey);
  • x3 (purple);
  • x6 (orange);
  • x99 (green).

You can bet on several colors, even all at once.

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